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Backyard Chickens and Birds at REDVET

We offer a range of diagnostic solutions and treatment options for your pet chickens and birds here at Redlands Veterinary Clinic.  We believe that all animals deserve the same level of care and attention, and several of our vets have completed continuing education to ensure they are up to date with the latest treatment options for your beloved pets.

From basic husbandry such as nutrition, worming and external parasite control, through to illness, injury and common problems such as egg binding, behavioural issues and metabolic issues, our vets are here to help.

Flock Consultations

Our experienced vets are happy to offer Flock Consultations as part of our services for your pet chickens. We are able to visit your home to assess their living areas, behaviours and answer common questions that may pertain to your whole flock.

Parasite and Preventative Health Management

Like all animals, backyard chickens and pet birds require ongoing external parasite control. Our friendly staff are happy to assist you in creating a preventative health management program to ensure your chickens stay in top health. Regular worming and insect control is important for your backyard pets, just like it is for your dog or cat.

Wound Repair and Soft Tissue Surgery

Wound repair in backyard chickens and birds are common practices at REDVET. Our experienced staff are able to ensure your chicken or bird has the safest anaesthetic experience and recovery.

Nutritional Advice

Speak to one of our knowledgeable vets to formulate a complete dietary plan and the do’s and don’ts of poultry nutrition.

Spur and Wing Clipping

We offer both Spur and Wing clipping for Poultry and ornamental bird in a safe environment that minimises the stress on your pet.

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